The Magis Solution

Banking on the strength of the media
The media has developed a strong bond of trust with their audience and merchants advertisers. They are an important actor in promoting the local economy. Google and Facebook will never compete with this relationship.


A model based on Value not coupon or rebates

Discount offers websites destroy the perceived value of goods purchased by the consumer. Conversely, Magis does not sell promotional coupon or gift certificates but rather add a money bonus on the purchase (e.g. an amount of $125 sold for $100) and load it on a Visa prepaid card to be redeemed at the advertiser.

Advertisers love to pay in exchange
Merchants systematically ask for the possibility of paying for their advertising in exchange. Why? Because they pay advertising using their cost of goods instead of “hard earned” cash.

Trading contracts are valuable assets:

  • They return in cash between 50 and 60% of ad contract gross value;

  • They dramatically increase media sales revenue;

  • They generate in-store visits to advertisers: The media certainly proves its effectiveness by having the obligation to convert its listeners into consumers;

  • Unlike social medias, the media gathers profiles based on real purchases not just “likes” and clicks.


Why did they go?

Why did your advertisers cut their ad budget and put them on Google and Facebook?

  • They have very limited cash resources to put on advertising;

  • They believe it's way cheaper to reach their customer base.

  • To target their customers with more precision;

  • To gather strategic data on their customers.

Media Boutique now offers you a proven solution to fight back in order to reconquer your clients by providing them with way more than just advertising. 

The online sales platform

The online sales platform provided by Media Boutique is a full turnkey solution that will:

  • Give your advertisers the opportunity to pay for their ad campaign on an exchange basis;

  • The exchange ad contracts are sold online to your audience with a 25% to 40% added bonus. All purchase amounts are loaded onto a prepaid reloadable Magis Visa. Customers then make their purchases at the advertiser’s shop and pay with the Magis Visa card. Each of these in-store purchases debit the advertiser's exchange contract.

  • You use your unsold media inventory to promote the offers from you advertisers

  • Thanks to the added bonus, your audience become members and buy your exchange contracts, you onboard them.

  • Media Boutique takes care of every detail: from sales team training to customer care, call center, programming, Marketing, card production, shipping and reporting.

  • You get a cash return from 50% to 60% of all contract gross value. (ex: on a $ 1 000 contract, you will get on average $500 to $600. 

2 options available



  • Allow the media to promote and sell its offers on its own brand custom designed platform.

  • The media gets a 10% affiliates sales commission revenue from other medias contract that are sold on its platform to its members.

Custom Branded Platform

maquette Hugues.jpg


  • The media can monetize it's own exchange contract at low cost on the all medias communal

  • The media gets a 5% native member commission revenue when it's members buys contracts from other media. 

About the Magis Visa* Card

Magis is a Latin adverb that means "more", "in addition" or "the greater". It expresses the ideal of the very best.

Magis Visa is a rechargeable prepaid card that allows you to charge added bonus amounts purchased on all Magis Network shopping sites to be used at participating merchants. To discover the great selection of merchants, visit our online shopping sites. It is also possible to charge non-subsidized amounts (like cash) allowing you to pay the difference between the amount you hold for a specific merchant and the actual invoice directly within your card without having to pay with another payment method (like your credit card). for example). You must obtain a Magis Visa in order for you to use or shopping websites and get 25 to 40% more money from local merchants in your area.


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