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The Magis Network: 100,000 members after one year

Montreal, May 16, 2019

CNW-For Immediate Release

The Magis Network, a local buying incentive initiative by Media Boutique inc., has reached 100,000 members and 1,000 participating merchants after only one year of existence. The network, which includes online sales platforms such as Boutique Voir, Boutique Magis, Boutique Media Extra and many others, is used by a dozen Quebec media outlets. The media converts their readers / viewers / audiences into consumers of their own advertisers through an innovative exchange contracts sales system (advertising paid in goods and services). This is a real collaborative success between its various partners.

The Ecosystem

"Many thought it was impossible to get all the media working together in the same direction. We prove today that with perseverance and a product that meets the needs of consumers, everything is possible "says Hugues Mailhot co-president of Média Boutique Inc.

"The success of Magis is indeed linked to our unique way of offering 25% to 40% more money to consumers so they can discover new local businesses without any restrictions. That's what differentiates us the most from discount or group buying platforms, "adds Michel Fortin, co-president of Média Boutique Inc.

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For an interview with Hugues Mailhot or Michel Fortin contact Marie Turenne at (514) 798-8981 Ext. 343